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Deal Score+1

Are you looking for antivirus protection that really works? With so many nasties around and so many horror stories of viruses wreaking havoc, it’s more important to keep your computer protected than ever before. If you want the very best antivirus protection, we highly recommend Vipre, one of the top antivirus products on the market today.

Are You Wondering How To Use A Vipre Coupon Code?

Of course, when you’re looking for antivirus protection you want to find the very best deals! The bad news is, you won’t find a genuine Vipre coupon code anywhere. Vipre don’t issue coupon codes for their products. However, we do have some very good news – when you purchase Vipre using our exclusive affiliate link, you can get a whole year of protection for free! That’s two years for the price of one. You don’t want to miss this special offer. Vipre offer unbeatable protection, and two years for the price of one is an unbeatable deal. Be quick though – this offer is only valid until February 28!

With our Vipre discount link you can save up to $59.99! That’s an entire year’s worth of protection for free.

Here’s how to claim your discount:

First, be sure to follow this link to get access to Vipre’s very special buy one year get another free offer

Now choose your product:

  • Vipre Antivirus: Certified virus protection for your computer, coupled with PC performance protection and email protection. Just $39.99 plus one year FREE!
  • Vipre Internet Security: All the protection of Vipre antivirus with added firewall, website blocker, software security updates and spam protection for extra security. Just $54.99 plus one year FREE!
  • Vipre Internet Security Pro: All the features of Vipre internet security plus ransomware protection, Cloud security and advanced active protection for the ultimate in computer security. Just $59.99 plus one year FREE!
  • Once you’ve chosen your product, purchasing couldn’t be easier:
  • Click “buy now”
  • Choose whether to buy protection for 1 PC, up to 3 PCs, up to 5 PCs, or up to 10 PCs
  • You also have the option to add Vipre Mobile Security Premium if you want to protect your Android devices.
  • You can add a Vipre backup CD in case you need to reinstall your software.
  • Enter your name, billing details and email address.
  • Fill out your payment details.

And you’re done! You can now download and use Vipre to keep your PC safe and secure.

Why Choose Vipre For Your Home Internet Security?

With so many antivirus products on the market it can be difficult to decide on the right one to keep your PC safe from viruses, malware, ransomware and other unwanted nasties. Vipre antivirus is a popular, reliable choice that really delivers. Here are just some of the reasons we recommend Vipre antivirus to keep you safe online:

  1. It’s got a teeny tiny footprint. Some antivirus software slows your system down. You know that feeling, when you’re trying to use your PC but you can’t because your antivirus is clicking away in the background and making everything run slow. With Vipre you don’t have to put up with that frustration again! Vipre is designed to run with a small footprint, so your PC keeps working as efficiently as ever. You won’t even know it’s there.
  2. Top level protection. The main consideration when buying an antivirus product is, of course, the level of protection you can expect from it. With Vipre, you’re covered.Vipre uses the most up to date and innovative technology to keep you protected from a wide range of threat.
  3. With Vipre antivirus, your PC is safe from malware, spyware, phishing attacks, malicious websites and more thank to their always-on Active Protection. Whatever you’re worried about, you can rest easy with Vipre.
  4. Easy to use. An antivirus isn’t much help if it’s complicated to use! Thankfully, Vipre design all their products with ease of use in mind. Installation and setup couldn’t be easier. Once you’re up and running, you’ll find Vipre’s intuitive control panel is extremely user friendly and makes managing your virus protection as easy as pie.
  5. Free US-based support. Sometimes things don’t go quite according to plan. If that happens with your setup or any other aspect of your virus protection, Vipre’s US-based experts are on hand to help. You can get help from Vipre’s knowledgeable staff for free, whenever you need it.
  6. Certified protection. Vipre’s products are certified and recognized by industry-leading experts in antivirus software, including AV-Test, VB 100, OPSWAT, SC Magazine, ICSA Labs and Computing Security Magazine.

Features You’ll Love

Vipre’s internet security software comes with a huge range of features that you’ll love, including:

  • Immediate detection and deletion of incoming threats including spyware, malware and viruses.
  • Spam filter to keep your inbox safe from malicious links and phishing scams.
  • Cloud-enabled advanced protection that keeps Vipre’s internet security ahead of the latest threats at all times.
  • Bad website blocker. Never worry about accidentally surfing to a harmful website again – Vipre blocks malicious websites before you can get to them.
  • Instant analysis. Immediately analyzes incoming threats to determine whether they’re a threat to your PC.
  • Real time monitoring and protection. Vipre antivirus is always ahead of the game, monitoring threats as and when they arrive with no risky delays.
  • Great management options. Users can schedule scans, customize how patches are applied and more, for an antivirus suite that really works for you.
  • Social and email protection. Vipre scans your Facebook profile and email programs such as outlook for potentially damaging links.
  • Auto Patch. Automatically scans for and installs updates for the software on your PC, making sure it stays up to date and protecting it against vulnerabilities.
  • Secure file eraser. Delete every last trace of malicious files with Vipre’s secure file eraser.
  • Search Guard technology. Vipre’s Search Guard technology is always on the look out for malious links, so you can browse the web in safety knowing it will spot and disable any risky links before you can click on them.

If you want to stay safe online, Vipre is absolutely the way to go. Their powerful antivirus tools are very user friendly and won’t overload or slow down your system. Remember to purchase using our link before Febraury 28 to take advantage of a whole year’s worth of protection for free!

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