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Cloudways Promo Codes & Offers For 2024 [Updated]

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Convenience, efficiency, and reliability are some of the core features to look out for when looking for a hosting company. Cloudways has it all, guaranteeing the safety of your data as well as fair prices.

Cloudways has a variety of solid plans, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Read through this article to learn about their pricing, policies, and discounts.

How to Use Cloudways 10% Off Promo Code

While enjoying state of the art hosting services, nobody would mind saving a penny or two. Using Cloudways promo code can save you so much on your premium plan. Here is how you use your 10% off promo code.
1.    Copy the promo code BLOGGINGSTART
2.    On your Cloudsway page, click on the ‘get started for free’ icon
3.    While on the sign-up page, an icon ‘Got a Promo Code’ appears. Click on and paste the promo code you copied.
4.    Once you have stuck, you can subscribe to any hosting plan. Your discount is executed automatically.

By using the BLOGGINGSTART promo code, you get a 10% off for three months.

How to Verify your Cloudsway Account

For a hosting service to be reliable, they should emphasize the security of your data. While hosting with Cloudsway, you can rest assured that your data or passwords are safe. To maximize safety, Cloudsway has introduced two-factor authentication (TFA), a secondary protection layer.

The layer ensures that you are the only one who can access your account. Once you have TFA, you will need your login credentials as well as a TFA code to access your account, hence maximizing security.

The first step is activating TFA on your account. To do so, go to the accounts section once you login to your account, then click on security. Once you are there, activate TFA just by a single click. You will be required to install a third-party authenticator application on your phone.

The second step is linking the application to your Cloudsway account. All you need to do is scan the QR code that pops up with the authenticator application then key in the six-figure verification code generated by the app in the popup.

Once you have linked the two, download back-up codes; however, skipping this step wouldn’t change a thing, but it is highly recommended. To get the codes, go to the security tab on the account section. Then click on the ‘generate code’ icon. This link will generate twelve codes, each of them only being used once. It is essential to store these codes in a secure location to prevent compromising security.

The final step is logging into your TFA activated account. To start with, your standard login page will appear, requiring you to key in the usual credentials. Once you key them on, you will be requested to key in the one-time TFA security code, which is generated by the authenticator application.

How much can you save on clouds way

Besides saving you money, it keeps you from complexities and stress. They handle all your hosting needs so that you can focus on other things swiftly. If you want to migrate from an old host to Cloudsway, it will cost you absolutely nothing. You also don’t have to worry that your live site will be broken during migration.

You also save a lot since you get SSL certificates at no cost at all. Cloudsway also allows you to host unlimited applications, regardless of the plan you are on.

How Much Does Cloudsway Cost

How much you pay depends on the plan you choose. You can choose to either pay hourly or monthly, both of them being friendly. The prices range from as low as $0.01 per hour to around $2. You can as well pay from $33 to about $1200 per month. Besides that, you will be required to pay $0.33 per GB for offline back-up storage.

Which Cloudsway Package Should You Choose

Cloudsway has packages that meet everybody’s needs. Therefore, depending on your needs, you choose a package that best fits your needs. One of the factors to consider is the purpose of your site. Is it a blog or a website? Does it have high traffic? Do you use it to conduct online business?

Once you have answered all these questions, you can, therefore, settle on a plan that can comfortably accommodate your site. The amount of money you are willing to spend also determines which package you go for.

Which is The Best Cloudways Plan?

Cloudsway has a variety of partners. They work with Digital Ocean, Linode, VULTR, Amazon, as well as Google Cloud. You can choose any of these plans depending on your bandwidth requirement and processor speeds. You can also choose a program that has enough storage for your data. The choice is entirely yours.

Does Cloudsway Offer a Money-back Guarantee?

Cloudsway does not refund any money. However, it allows you to pay as you go. It, therefore, means you only pay for what you have already used.

What is Included with Every Plan

As we mentioned earlier, Cloudsway has a variety of plans, and each program has its uniqueness.

Digital Ocean Plan

The Digital Ocean Plan has RAM varying from 1GB to 192GB. The bandwidth ranges from 1TB to 12TB while the storage starts from 25GB to 3840GB. Their processors range from 1 core to 23 core. Depending on the package you choose, you can pay from as low as $10 to $1035 per month or $0.0139 to $1.4375 per hour.

Linode Plan

Linode plan has features similar to those of Digital Ocean, in terms of RAM, processor, and storage. For bandwidth, Linode offers from 1TB to 20TB. Their prices range from $12 to $1,205 per month or $0.0167 to $16736 per hour.


VULTR offers RAM from 1GB to 64GB. Their bandwidth ranges from 1TB to 10TB and storage, starting from 25GB to 1280GB. The minimum processor is one core, while the maximum is 16 core. Their prices start from $11 to $385 per month and $0.0153 to $0.5347 per hour.

AWS Plan

This is the plan from amazon. It has a wide variety of projects. Their RAM ranges from 1.75 GB to 384 GB. The processor varies from 1vCPU to 96vCPU. When it comes to storage, it starts from 20GB, while the bandwidth starts from 2GB. The least you can pay with an amazon plan is $36.51 per month or $0.0507 per hour.
The most popular plan, however, is the AWS medium with 3.75GB RAM, 1vCPU processor, 20GB storage, and 2GB bandwidth. It costs $86.77 per month or $0.1205 per hour.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud also has a wide range of plans. They have RAM from 1.70GB all the way to120GB. Their processors vary from 1vCPU to 32vCPU. Their storage starts from 20GB, while their bandwidth starts from 2GB. Their cheapest plan charges from $33.30 per month or $0.0463 per hour, while the most costly plan starts from $1290.42 per month or $1.7923 per hour.

The most popular plan goes for $73.62 per month or $0.1023 per hour, with 3.75GB RAM.
All these plans offer free migration, free SSL certificates, expert support round the clock, and unlimited app installation.

Cloudsway Overview


Cloudsway is the ultimate company to work with fro all your hosting needs. With Cloudsway, you are assured of high-speed performance because we understand the need for speed when it comes to web hosting. All the servers have dedicated resources, hence maximizing performance. The servers are HTTP/2 enabled, which goes a long way in increasing the communication speed between servers and clients.
These and other features, such as auto-healing managed servers, ensure that your business runs flawlessly without crushing.

When it comes to safety, Cloudsway has put in place measures to ensure that they offer the best. They have OS-level firewalls that prevent any malicious people or intruders from accessing your data. They also have two-factor authentication, which goes a long way in boosting security.

Cloudsway performs security patching from time to time, to look out for any vulnerability. If any, they are fixed immediately. IP whitelisting is another security feature that allows you to communicate with other networks without restrictions.

Expert Support
For a hosting company to be deemed efficient, client support should be perfect. Cloudsway has its doors open for you all day and night long. The customer success team works round the clock to guarantee you excellent service. You get a response almost immediately; you type a query.

The knowledge base is also rich with all the information you might need. We also have automated back- up, which ensures that you never lose your data. Besides the automated back-up, you can as well do it manually any time you please.

Once you host your site with Cloudsway, you don’t cease to be the boss. Everything is managed by how you want it. You can make any adjustments or customize your website all you want.

If you are looking for a hosting company, then you found it. If you already have one, you can always migrate to Cloudsway for free, any day

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