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Cloudways Promo Code 2024 ✅ Get $100 in Free Hosting Credits

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Cloudways Promo Code

Cloudways Deal Alert! $100 Digital Ocean Credit Best Values

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Cloudways Promo Code

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Looking for the best Cloudways promo codes and offers for 2024? You’ve come to the right place! With Cloudways, you can enjoy top-notch hosting services and save big with their latest discounts. Whether you’re starting a new website or looking to upgrade your current hosting plan, these promo codes can help you get up to $100 in free hosting credits.

Stay ahead with reliable, secure, and fast cloud hosting solutions while making the most of these exclusive deals. Explore the best Cloudways offers now and enhance your web hosting experience!

Promo Code

How to Apply?

Managed Hosting for DigitalOcean

While enjoying state of the art hosting services, nobody would mind saving a penny or two. Using Cloudways promo code can save you so much on your premium plan.

Here is how you use your $100 Credit promo code.
1.    Copy the promo code
2.    On your Cloudsways page, click on the ‘Start With $100 in Free Credit Button’ icon
3.    While on the sign-up page, an icon ‘Got a Promo Code’ appears. Click on and paste the promo code you copied.
4.    Once you have stuck, you can subscribe to any hosting plan. Your discount is executed automatically.

By using the promo code, you get a $100 Digital Ocean Hosting Credit.

Cloudways Next Generation Cloud Hosting Platform 1

Account Verification

How To Verify your Cloudsway Account

Cloudways offers a simple account verification process to ensure your security and access to their platform. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Sign Up and Locate Verification:

  • Visit the Cloudways website and create a new account.
  • Once you’ve entered your details, you might be redirected to a dashboard with a message about pending account verification.
  • Alternatively, you might see a “Verify Your Account” button within the dashboard itself.

2. Email Verification:

  • Click the “Verify Your Account” button or follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Cloudways will likely send a verification email to the address you provided during signup.
  • Open the email and click the verification link to confirm your email address.

3. Additional Verification (Optional):

  • In some cases, Cloudways might request phone number verification for enhanced security.
  • If prompted, enter your phone number and wait for a verification code via text message (SMS).
  • Enter the received code in the designated field on the Cloudways verification page.

4. Account Activated!

  • Once you’ve verified your email (and phone number if applicable), your Cloudways account will be fully activated.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message or be redirected to your Cloudways dashboard with full access to their services.


  • Make sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see the verification email in your inbox.
  • Double-check the email address you entered during signup to avoid delays.
  • If you encounter any issues with verification, contact Cloudways support for assistance.

Additional Notes:

  • Cloudways might update their verification process in the future, so refer to their official documentation or support resources for the most current steps.
  • This guide assumes you’re signing up for a new Cloudways account. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an additional security option you can set up later within your Cloudways account settings.

How much can you save on clouds way

Saving Overview

Cloudways Can Save You Money in Three Ways!

Cloudways offers several ways to help you save on your web hosting expenses. Here’s a breakdown of their current offers:

  1. Free $100 Credit: Get started with a free $100 credit towards your Cloudways server on DigitalOcean. This credit can be used to test out their platform and explore its features before committing to a paid plan.
  2. 30% Off All Plans: Enjoy a flat 30% discount on any Cloudways hosting plan for the entire billing cycle. This applies to all their server options, giving you significant savings on your monthly fees.
  3. Up to 30% Off Autonomous WordPress Plans (for 4 Months): If you choose the Cloudways Autonomous WordPress plan, you can save up to 30% on your bill for the first four months of service. This is a great option if you specifically need managed WordPress hosting and want to maximize your savings during the initial setup.

In short:

  • Try Cloudways for free with the $100 credit.
  • Save 30% on any hosting plan you choose.
  • Get an additional discount (up to 30%) on their Autonomous WordPress plan for the first four months.

Cloudways offers a combination of free trials, percentage discounts, and targeted plan promotions to help you reduce your web hosting costs.

CloudWays Cost

How Much Does Cloudsway Cost?

Cloudways pricing depends on the specific plan you choose and your resource needs. However, they offer various options to make it affordable:

  • Free Trial: Cloudways offers a free trial to test their platform before committing to a paid plan.
  • $100 Free Credit: They also have a promotion where you can get $100 credit towards your Cloudways server on DigitalOcean. This allows you to experiment with their services for free.
  • Discounted Plans: Cloudways offers different paid plans with varying server sizes and resource allocations. Their pricing starts at $11 per month ( They also frequently run promotions like the current 30% off on all plans which can significantly reduce your monthly cost.
  • Cloudways Autonomous Discount: For their Cloudways Autonomous WordPress plan specifically, they offer an additional discount of up to 30% on your bill for the first four months.

Here’s the key takeaway:

The exact cost of Cloudways will vary, but they provide a free trial, free credit, and frequent discounts to make their services accessible. You can explore their website or contact their sales team to get a quote based on your specific needs.

Cloudways Plans

Which Cloudsway Plans Should You Choose?

Cloudways Next Gen Cloud Hosting Platform 1

Choosing the right Cloudways package depends on your website’s specific needs, such as traffic volume, resource requirements (storage, RAM, processing power), and budget. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

Free Trial & $100 Credit:

  • This is a great starting point to experiment with Cloudways and see if it fits your needs.
  • Use the free trial to test functionalities and website performance.
  • Utilize the $100 credit on DigitalOcean to see how far it takes you for your specific website setup.

Considering Paid Plans:

  • Low Traffic Websites & Blogs: If you have a basic website or blog with low traffic, their lower-tier plans (e.g., DigitalOcean Basic or Vultr VM.1.1) might be sufficient. These offer limited resources but are budget-friendly.
  • Growing Websites: As your website traffic increases, consider plans with more RAM and storage (e.g., DigitalOcean Standard or Vultr VM.2.1). These provide better performance and scalability.
  • E-commerce Stores & High-Traffic Websites: For e-commerce stores or websites experiencing significant traffic, opt for higher-tier plans (e.g., DigitalOcean Performance or Vultr High Performance VM.4.1). These offer robust resources to handle demanding applications and ensure smooth website operation.
  • Cloudways Autonomous: If you specifically need managed WordPress hosting with a focus on automation and ease of use, consider the Cloudways Autonomous plan. This plan might be more expensive than standard options but offers features like server scaling and self-healing functionalities.

Additional Tips:

  • Cloudways Resource Usage Meter: Cloudways provides a resource usage meter within your dashboard. This helps you monitor server usage and determine if your current plan is adequate or if you need to upgrade.
  • Cloudways Support: Don’t hesitate to contact Cloudways support for guidance on choosing the best plan for your website’s requirements.

Remember: You can always start with a smaller plan and upgrade later if your website grows. The key is to find a balance between your budget and the resources your website needs to function optimally.

Money-back Guarantee

Does Cloudsway Offer a Money-back Guarantee?

No, Cloudways does not offer a traditional money-back guarantee on their paid plans.

Here’s what they offer instead:

  • Free Trial: They provide a free trial to test their platform and experience their services firsthand before committing to a paid plan. This allows you to evaluate their features and suitability for your website.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Billing: Cloudways uses a pay-as-you-go billing system where you only pay for the resources you use. This minimizes the risk of upfront commitment for services you might not fully utilize.
  • Resource Usage Meter: Their dashboard includes a resource usage meter that helps you monitor your server’s resource consumption. This allows you to track usage and potentially adjust your plan if needed to optimize costs.

Alternatives for Peace of Mind:

While Cloudways doesn’t have a money-back guarantee, here are some options for a bit more peace of mind:

  • Start with a Low-Tier Plan: Begin with a smaller, more affordable plan. You can always upgrade later if needed.
  • Utilize the $100 Free Credit: Take advantage of the $100 credit on DigitalOcean to experiment and explore Cloudways for free.
  • Contact Cloudways Support: If you’re unsure about their services, reach out to their support team. They might be able to offer tailored advice or suggest alternative plans based on your needs.


Cloudways aims to minimize financial risk through their free trial, pay-as-you-go structure, and transparent resource usage monitoring. This allows you to experiment, monitor costs, and ensure their platform suits your needs before committing significant funds.

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