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GoodSync has no monthly fees, meaning you can purchase once and use it to sync for as long as you need to. You can also choose between GoodSync for different operating systems.

With GoodSync you can sync emails, photos, documents and music between your devices, including mobile devices. Even better, we’ve teamed up with GoodSync to give you a very special offer – 33% off every GoodSync purchase when you use our GoodSync coupon!

If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to sync and back up your important files, GoodSync has just the solution for you!

How It Works

GoodSync software lets you back up and sync files between computers, devices and drives, GoodSync syncs quickly, is user friendly, and provides a range of options to make it simple for you to sync the files you want and need.

Why You Need GoodSync

Whether you’re using your computer or laptop for business or pleasure, keeping your files synced will make your life easier, no doubt about it! Say for example you have an important document on your business computer, and a copy on your laptop at home.

What happens if you make changes to one document and forget to write over both your older copies?

You could find yourself hard at work – with an old copy of your document! With GoodSync you’ll never have to worry about that.

Once you set up a job in GoodSync, it will automatically update every copy of your file, meaning that you always have access to the most up to date copy, at work and for leisure.

GoodSync can also be used to back up important files quickly and easily, so you can relax knowing your files are safe and sound.

How To Save 35% On Your GoodSync Purchase

Select Your GoodSync License

Saving 33% on your GoodSync purchase couldn’t be easier, thanks to our special GoodSync coupon code offer:

  • Choose your GoodSync package from this page [insert link]
  • Click “Add to cart”
  • Enter in the Discount Code box
  • Click “Apply”
  • Click “Checkout”
  • Enter your billing and payment information

And you’re done!

GoodSync Packages

Whatever you need from your GoodSync software, there’s a package for you:

  • GoodSync Desktop lets you sync files in a peer to peer environment between unconnected computers and even mobile devices. Each license costs just $29.95 and you can save 20% with our coupon code! Available for Windows and Mac.
  • GoodSync2Go allows you to sync important files between computers and mobile devices using your USB flash or portable drive. Each license costs just $39.95 and you can save 33% with our coupon code! Available for Windows and Mac.
  • GoodSync Enterprise Server expands GoodSync into a powerful company-wide tool that lets your business sync vital files between workstations and devices. Available for $995 with no recurring fees and you can save 33% with our coupon code!
  • GoodSync for Linux provides a Linux command-line version of GoodSync. Each license costs just $39.95 and you can save 33% with our coupon code!

Goodsync Features

GoodSync offers a wealth of features that you’ll love:

  • Automatic detection of creations, deletions and changes made across synced files and folders.
  • Easy to set up one way synchronization to give you a powerful backup solution for your files.
  • Control when you sync – choose to sync in real time or review changes before syncing your files.
  • Detect when you rename a file or folder.
  • Run syncs in parallel threads for quicker file transfer.
  • Compare files for fully accurate syncing
  • Choose which files you need to exclude from synchronization patterns.
  • Sync to a wide range of destinations including Amazon S3, FTP, Google Drive, SkyDrive, OneDrive and FTP.
  • File encryption for added security.
  • User friendly interface that allows you to see file trees and initiate new jobs easily.

If you want to share and sync your files easily to make sure you always have the latest version at your fingertips, GoodSync is the solution for you.

Buy today and remember to enter our coupon code at the checkout to enjoy 20% off your purchase.

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