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Most agree that WordPress is the preferred content management software for people trying to using a self-designed website for their online business.

But often the themes WordPress provides in their catalog might not be exactly what you’re looking for, or you might need more customization options than WP provides.

If this is an issue for you, you may want to look into PremiumPress – a niche-business theme service that works in conjunction with WordPress to offer more theme options for almost any kind of business you’re launching online.

How to Claim Premiumpress Discount Code?

Premiumpress operate via HTML5, are extremely SEO-friendly  and are designed for help increase your search engine rankings for your business’ website.

Niche-Market Oriented

The most attractive feature of PremiumPress is their different niche-market themes.  Showcasing 15 different types of business themes from auction site to classifieds to real estate to price comparison themes, it’s much easier to find a theme that more closely suits the type of product or service you’re marketing.

A more customizable and and content specific WordPress theme makes it easier to conduct eCommerce to help you reach and engage your intended audience and potential customer base.

The more specific it is to the type of business you’re in, the more they can interact and with it-increasing the chances of making sales.  It also provides a multitude of Child WordPress themes.

These are design subsets of the 15 base business themes, providing extra color and design options for any kind of niche business you operate.

Responsive Design

Another great feature is PremiumPress’s use of responsive design.  This is web design that presents and allows for user interaction with it’s content in a way that is optimized for both desktop browsing and mobile browsing.

Since over half of online browsing is now done with either a smartphone for tablet, this feature is extremely useful for allowing you to conduct business with customers regardless of how they access your website.

Affordable Pricing

PremiumPress offers true, varied customization for your ideal WordPress business theme.

Thus, you will have to spend some money for this service.  Luckily, there are different pricing packages to choose from that best suit your needs.  For those who only want to select one theme and any child themes that compliment it, you can choose the basic theme package for $79.  If you want access to all 15 different niche-market themes and their child theme subsets, you’ll have to pay around $250.

But this package also offers you free access to any new niche themes PremiumPress develops in the future, so you do get value for your dollar.

There is even a $15 fee for those who have difficulty installing their theme or need support with self-installation.

The basic package is probably best for those who are only concerned with their own business and have no intention of opening multiple online hubs for operating more than one online market.  And PremiumPress offers 24/7 technical support with all packages that is fast and responsive.

Access to Website Hosting

Getting your website online might be a deterrent for some, as many website builders charge for you to use your own domain name on their hosting service.

The nice thing about PremiumPress is that once you buy one of their packages, they offer web hosting discounts with hosting services like Green Geeks and Host Upon.

This is especially useful for those who intend (or at least hope) to do a high volume of business transactions with their eCommerce hub.

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