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If you’d like your Mac to run better than ever and have a powerful suite of tools at your service, Mackeeper is a must have. Naturally you want to save money if you can too. Who doesn’t love a bargain? Our exclusive Mackeeper coupon code gives you an impressive 20% off your Mackeeper purchase.

How To Use Our Mackeeper Coupon Code

Saving money using our Mackeeper coupon code is so easy.

How To Use Our Mackeeper Coupon Code

First of all, go to and choose your package. You can buy just one month if you’d like to try before committing to a longer package. One month costs £15.95.

However the one month plans only gives you access to the basic tool suite with none of the exciting and useful upgrades you get on longer plans, so you won’t experience the full power of Mackeeper.

A six month license costs just £11.95 a month and gives you access to the full version of Mackeeper along with anti theft tracking.

That’s not a bad idea at all! However we highly recommend purchasing a longer license.

You’ll make the best savings and get the best features. Once you start using Mackeeper you’ll be so glad you purchases a long term plan – in fact, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

The long term plans are one year for £8.95 a month or two years for £6.95 a month. Both plans give you access to some wonderful additional features including security updates, access to a personal tech advisor if you need it, and 24/7 expert support so you can get assistance any time day or night.

Once you’ve chosen your plan you can save money by following these easy steps:

  • Look for the “instant activation” button under the pricing options. Beneath that is a small link that says “have a coupon code?”
  • Click this link and enter lIlIllllperkspot30 to claim your 20% discount.
  • A green tick will appear to show that your coupon has been applied.
    Now click the “instant activation” button.
  • On the next page, check your order is as you want it.
    At the bottom of the page you’ll see a form for filling out your name and address.
  • Fill this in To the right of that is the space for your payment details. Enter them here.
  • Click “next” to finalize your order.

And you’re done! You now have access to Mackeeper’s full suite of tools to keep your Mac in top shape.

Ah, Macs. Mac computers inspire passionate loyalty in those who regularly use and love them. But even the most wonderful Mac is still susceptible to slowing down, getting clogged up, or even to security risks.

Imagine if there was a suite of tools that could keep your Mac safe, secure, and running just the way you like it – and you could even get help from an Apple certified assistant if you needed it. Mackeeper is the all in one service you are looking for.

With Mackeeper you get access to a wide array of tools that are designed to look after your Mac and keep it secure and running well. With Mackeeper you’ll never have to worry about complicated troubleshooting.

The tools you need are right at your fingertips. Your Apple Mac or MacBook will run faster than ever before.

How Mackeeper Looks After Your Mac

But it doesn’t stop there

Mackeeper takes excellent care of your Mac. Here’s how:

  • You get access to an Apple certified professional who has the know how to remotely analyze your Mac and help you with any problems.
  • Your Mac will be thoroughly cleaned up and running better than ever in no time. Mackeeper deals with junk files, space-guzzling programs and more to get your Mac running at its best. You’ll be amazed at how different things are after a little optimization and spring cleaning.
  • Take control of your files with Mackeeper’s powerful suite of tools to help you store, restore, backup, delete, and find files easily.
  • Your privacy is protected with encryption options and secure file shredding to make sure no one sees the personal files you don’t want seen.
  • Your Mac is safe from both online thieves thanks to Mackeeper’s extensive security suite that keeps you safe online.
  • Your Mac is also protected from offline thieves with Mackeeper’s find and recover options which give you a detailed location report and even a picture of the thief.

What Does Mackeeper Include?

MacKeeper: one lifesaver app to cover anything Mac

A better question might be what doesn’t Mackeeper include. When you make your purchase you’ll have access to:

Files recovery

Deleted a file from the trash and wishing you hadn’t? No problem! With Files Recovery you can restore files even if they’ve been deleted from the trash.

Disk Usage

See at a glance how your system’s storage space is being used and which files are taking up the most room on your Mac. This is ideal if you’re running out of disk space or your Mac is slowing down – you can move or get rid of problem files.

Data Encryption

Lock your data up tight with full encryption. Your files won’t be accessible to anyone who doesn’t have the right password, ensuring your safety and privacy.


Never risk losing your important files again. This quick and user friendly backup saves all your important files and keeps them safe.

Duplicates Finder

Duplicate files serve no purpose but they still take up disk space! Find them using Duplicates Finder and delete them to free up space on your Mac.

Update Tracker

Never miss out on important application updates or security patches again. Update Tracker notifies you of all available updates so you can stay secure.

Memory Cleaner

Monitor and optimize your RAM memory while you’re working to make sure your Mac is working as efficiently as possible.

Internet Security

The internet can be a dangerous place for your Mac! Keep it safe from viruses, hackers, malware, data theft and phishing scams thanks to Mackeeper’s powerful internet security tool.

Personal Assistance

Sometimes you just need to talk to a human being Mackeeper’s Apple certified assistants are on hand to help you with any issues you are having, no matter how minor or how major.

Fast Cleanup

No one likes a slow running Mac. Fast Cleanup pinpoints junk or necessary files that are taking up space on your Mac and deletes them. Your system will run much more smoothly and swiftly.


No matter how careful you are with your Mac, there is always some risk of it being stolen. It only takes a moment for a thief to make off with your Mac. Mackeeper’s anti theft system tracks your Mac’s location and even takes a snapshot of the thief.

Smart Uninstaller

Make sure that when you uninstall programs, they’re really and truly gone. That way your Mac isn’t slowed down by old junk from unused programs.


Sometimes you don’t just want to delete a file. You want to make sure it’s gone beyond all hope of recovery. Protect your personal data with Shredder, the file deletion option that ensures once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Files Finder

Lost a file? Files Finder offers you the smart search functionality you need to locate your lost file, even if you have no idea which directory it’s in.

Login Items

Help your Mac run faster by taking control of which applications launch on startup. Hand pick the items you want to run on startup and leave the rest aside for much faster startup performance.

Default Apps

No more annoying dialog boxes. Use Default Apps to define which app will open each kind of file type for faster file opening every time.

Geek On Demand

Got a question? Need help with any aspect of your Mac’s performance or specifications? Geek On Demand gives you access to a real live Mac expert who will help you with anything you need.

Enjoy a faster, more secure, and even more user friendly Mac with Mackeeper.

Don’t forget to enter dontleave20 at the checkout to save 20% on your purchase today.

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