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IPVanish 3 Year Deal

Is IPVanish’s 3-year deal still available?

After doing thorough research we found out that IPVanish stopped their 3-year deal. Now they only offer monthly, 1-year and 2-years plans. IPVanish is compatible with almost every device. You can use it on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chromebook, Amazon Fire TV, Linux, and many more.

Their 3-year deal had a pricing of $233.97. But you could get this plan at a special discount. You could’ve gotten this plan at just $99 which means $33/year.

But IPVanish stopped offering this plan. Now it is only focused on its 1-year and 2-years plans. Usually, the monthly pricing of IPVanish starts at $4.99/month.

IPVanish 1 Year Plan:

The base monthly pricing of IPVanish is $10.99/month. But with the one-year plan, you get a discount. You can get it at just $53.99 which is equivalent to $4.50/month. This is one of the best deals you can get on a VPN service.

Comparison of Pricing for 1 Year Plan using our coupon:

As we’ve discussed that currently you can get the 1 year plan of IPVanish for just $53.99. But with our special discount link you can get this plan at a huge discount.

With this discount offer you can get it for just $38.38. This pricing is equivalent to $3.20/month. This pricing is much much lower than regular pricing.

This pricing will be only for one year after that you will be paying the regular pricing which is $89.99. This special discount is only available for one year.

IPVanish 2 Year Plan:

There is a 2 year plan available on IPVanish. This plan is much more efficient in terms of pricing. This plan is available for just $107.99. You have to pay it in one time. This pricing is also equivalent to $4.50/month. That means it gives you more value than the one year plan. But when the two year period is over, you will need to pay the standard price which is $89.99 per year.

Comparison of Pricing for 2 Year Plan using our coupon:

The standard 2 year plan costs $107.99. But without a special discount link you can get it at a very cheap price. With this discount offer, you can get the 2-year plan for just $89.99.

You have to do one time payment for this as well. There is a difference of $18 between both pricing which is a huge for a user with a budget.

This pricing is valid for only 2 years. After completion of this period you will need to pay the standard pricing for this plan as well which is $89.99/year. This discount is not available for long so we would suggest you choose the 2 year plan because it is much cheaper and gives more value than monthly and 1-year plans.

How To Claim IPVanish Special Discount?

Claiming these discount offers are a piece of cake. To see the difference between pricing you can also check the official website and you will know that this offer is far better than any other offer. Follow these simple steps to claim IPVanish special discount:

Step 1. There are two special discounts available on IPVanish.

  • 1 year special discount offer
  • 2 year special discount offer

Step 2. Select any one of the offers on the basis of your requirement.

Step 3. After selecting an offer you will be redirected to the checkout page of IPVanish. There you will see the pricing for that particular plan.

Step 4. In the next step you have to create a new account using your email address and set a password as well. You will see the password strength as well, so it is recommended that you use a strong password.

Step 5. Now select a payment method. There are only two payment methods available. You can use a credit/debit card or your PayPal account to make the payment.

Step 6. If you choose a credit/debit card then you will need to fill out these given details. But if you use PayPal then you will need to enter your PayPal Id only.

Step 7. You will see the promotional code is already applied in the promotional code box. Now you can check renewal terms. After that click on subscribe now button.

Now you’ve completed your payment. Your account will be activated. There are many coupons available for yearly plans but this is the best offer you can get on IPVanish.

What Makes IPVanish Stand Out?

We tried many paid VPNs which are available in the market. Most of them are okay but when we stumbled on to IPVanish we decided to stick with it. Because IPVanish offers better security, speed and it has a big range of servers from which you can choose. IPVanish also follows the basic VPN protocols such as IPSec, PPPTP, IKEv2, and OpenVPN.

In a recent update IPVanish also added Wiredguard VPN protocol which is the best security a VPN can offer. The best part about IPVanish is that it doesn’t store any private information of yours.

It has a split tunneling which helps in unlocking many streaming services. This means you can watch your favorite streaming site even if it is geo-blocked in your country.


IPVanish offers everything which your regular VPN can’t offer. Most of the users tend to use free VPNs which is good for only a short period of time. Even when they buy a cheaper VPN still, it doesn’t have any guarantee that your information will not get leaked. So it is always better to choose a better VPN to secure your information.

The 3-year plan of IPVanish was really good. It offered a lot of value at a very cheap price. But IPVanish stopped offering this plan for unknown reasons but now it offers that value in its 1-year and 2-years plans.

With our special discount link you can get a much cheaper price. So what are you waiting for just go and grab that discount before it expires.

IPVanish 3 Year deal FAQs

What is the best available promo code?

As of now there is one promo code which is offering a huge discount on IPVanish’s 1-year and 2-years plans and that promo code is SEPT21. Just copy it and paste it in the promotional code section at the time of checkout.

What do I do If the IPVanish coupon isn’t working?

If the promo code is not working then you can use our special discount links which we have given above in the post. If it still doesn’t work then it means the coupon has expired and then you have to wait for the next promotional offer. So we would suggest you grab that discount before it expires.

Can I use more than one IPVanish coupon?

No, you can not use more than one IPVanish coupon. You can use one coupon for one purchase. To use that coupon again you will need to make a purchase again.

Is IPVanish good for streaming?

IPVanish is one of the best VPNs for streaming. With its Split Tunneling feature you can overcome the geo-restriction feature to watch your favorite shows of your favorite streaming sites.

Does IPVanish support the Wireguard Protocol?

IPVanish just recently added Wireguard Protocol to their servers which means you are more safe than ever. All your private information is secure with IPVanish.

Where Can I Get the Best IPVanish Offer?

We offer the best IPVanish offer. You will not find this offer on any other website. Just click on our link to get the best offer for IPVanish.