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As it ages, your computer gets slower due to the amount of files and registry errors that add up. Therefore, the hard disk won’t operate at its full capacity anymore, and you will find yourself struggling with low hard drive space. However, even if you are not a computer expert, there is a solution to this. CCleaner is not a new software, but it is definitely one that manages to do the job done.

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It manages to remove plenty of temporary files which slow down your machine, and enable you to clean them in order to gain space. Without further adieu, we present you the in-depth CCleaner review and the main features of this program:

Ability to clean up to 40GB of temporary files from first run

One that has never run a PC cleaning software before will be amazed by what CCleaner can do. This software truly scans everything inside a given computer and manages to eliminate all of the temporary files inside the PC. These files have no use and just keep adding up over time. There is a certain cleaning tool in certain Windows versions (especially on the newest Win10 Pro machines), but it doesn’t compare to the deep cleaning offered by CCleaner.

On your first run of the software you will realize that it can clean between 2GB and 40GB of space within minutes. It does so by cleaning the browser history (which is also important to delete regularly for privacy reasons), temporary download data, Windows log files, temporary files, recycle bin and more.

All of these could also be cleaned manually, but doing so would require more time and more effort. With CCleaner everything is as easy as pressing 2 buttons, and the process shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes. Once the cleaner has finished, you will rejoice from more free space and better file sharing performance.

Dedicated Registry Cleaner

When you install or uninstall an app, plenty of data is written in computer registry. However, not all of this data is removed when uninstalling an app, and this will affect future performance. Data such as unused file extensions, applications, fonts, help files and sound events can all be found in the registry. Furthermore, every new Windows update modifies the registry to a certain extent and can drag down the performance.

In order to keep a computer clean and running at peak performance, the registry must be cleaned regularly. CCleaner comes with a dedicated registry cleaner, which can be accessed right from the main interface. By using it at least few times per year you will ensure that your computer will no longer face certain errors or slow-downs. The app may also start automatically depending on the background scans performed.

Advanced Tools

CCleaner is actually more than a regular cleaner, it is a suite intended for computer optimization. Therefore, it contains other advanced apps which can be accessed right from the main interface and which are very easy to use.

We will enumerate the most important of them along with their roles.

a) Advanced Uninstaller : Since the regular uninstaller may not work very well in some cases, CCleaner comes with a dedicated tool which allows you to completely uninstall apps as well as rename or repair them in certain cases.

b) Startup Programs Disabler : Many programs start along with the computer, consuming precious RAM, CPU and bandwith. Thanks to this small tool you can deactivate the ones which you believe are not indeed, and therefore make startup times faster.

Should you prefer to reactivate them later, it’s possible to do this using the same tool.

c) Browser Plugins : Some browser (Edge, Chrome) plugins are very useful, but there are also other ones which can prove to be redundant or even harmful.

Using this tool you will be able to disable certain extensions and thus improve internet browsing speed and performance.

d) Disk Analyzer : If your hard-drive is not very roomy, then you will want to know what keeps it occupied and what can be removed. All these can be done using disk analyzer, which groups files by type of content and occupied space.

e) Duplicate Finder : If one is worried about having different duplicate files in the computer which can occupy precious space, then this tool is the solution.

It scans and eliminate all duplicates from certain areas of PC.f) System RestoreFrom here one can see all Windows Restore points, as well delete the ones which are too old and redundant. It is recommended to have no more than 3 restore points saved in the computer, since each one occupies around 3GB.

Protection Against ID Theft

Even the free version of CCleaner comes with protection against ID theft, which is extremely important for those who do banking online or transfer sensitive information in the online environment. Hackers look at every opportunity for stealing login and bank details, so such tool is extremely useful.

Real Time Junk Monitoring and Automatic History Cleaning (only in Pro versions)

Those who choose the Pro versions of CCleaner will be able to rejoice from automatic background cleaning of the junk and browser history, so manual scans will need not to be performed any longer. Moreover, the Pro versions enable complete cleaning of all user accounts within a computer, which is useful for those machines used by more than 1 person.

Hard-drive Defragmentation (Pro-Plus version only)

The Professional Plus version comes with a dedicated defragmentation tool called Defraggler, which ensures that empty drive space is put in line and that no errors occur. Thanks to this, one will be able to enjoy from 3x increased transfer speeds (from one drive to another, from phone to PC etc.) as well as elimination of errors (such as “File does not exist” or “Unable to access file”).

Advanced File Recovery (Pro-Plus version only)

In the ultimate version of CCleaner one will be able to rejoice from Recuva Professional softwares, which enables users to restore deleted files of up to 3 years old. It’s guaranteed to work only in 73% of the cases, since files deleted from recycle bin are something delicate, yet it’s still great to use. Even beginners can take advantage of this software and thus eliminate the hundred dollars payment to dedicated file recovery companies (which have similar success rates).

Advanced Hardware Analysis

The free version of CCleaner displays basic information related to hardware and software, such as type of Windows installed (e.g. Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 10 Home), type of CPU, amount of RAM and video card. However, the Professional Plus version also comes with Speccy Professional integrated, which provides a deeper review of the components and suggests possible upgrades for those who want to maximise computer performance.

CCleaner is a nifty software which enables computer users to improve performance and eliminate errors with ease. And while the Free (unlimited) version may be enough for most Home users, those who want to maximise the performance of their computers or those working in a large company may also want to check out CCleaner Review Professional (comes with Free Trial) and Professional Plus.

They come with plenty of add-ons which eliminate errors and improve functionality in the background!